Review: Fractured Destinies – Rabai al-Madhoun

Fractured Destinies - Rabai al-Madhoun

Buy now from Book Depository What does it mean to be an Israeli Arab? There is no easy answer, but Rabai al-Madhoun’s 2016 International Prize for Arabic Fiction-winning novel, Fractured Destinies (American University in Cairo Press, translated from Arabic by Paul Starkey), tackles the question’s complexities head on, with skill and unflinching courage. Although many Western … Read more

Review: The Parting Gift – Evan Fallenberg

The Parting Gift, by Evan Fallenberg

A dark story of human relationships, The Parting Gift (by Evan Fallenberg, Other Press) captures the basest of our instincts – love, jealousy, anger, revenge – and wraps them up in an exotically seasoned mystery story. Written in the form of a letter to a friend, Adam, who sits across the room from him, the book’s unnamed narrator sets out the details of his past and the circumstances that brought him from Israel to Adam’s American front door four months earlier. A chance encounter with an Israeli spice merchant, Uzi, has seen the narrator fall under the spell of pure animal magnetism, losing himself in Uzi’s life, business and family. With time, however, he has come up for air, and does not always like what he sees.